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Dog friendly holidays, South West Scotland

Dog friendly holiday

Hello again, AbiiDoodle here from Kirklauchline Cottage, the perfect dog friendly holiday cottage near Portpatrick, South West Scotland!

I have hijacked the computer again and am ready to update you with all my doodle goings on and the new friends I have made since I was last allowed on the computer.Dog friendly holiday cottage, Dumfries and Galloway

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog for you, in fact it was over a year ago, how time flies! Anyway, shortly after I wrote my last blog a nice lady from Cheshire found it on her internet and got in touch with mum. She was very impressed by my literary effort and wanted to book a holiday at Kirklauchline Cottage for two humans and Monty the Labrador. My ears pricked up immediately! Another potential friend and all because of me! Monty regularly emailed me and sent me photographs and I sent him some too and couldn’t wait to meet him. We were having a long distance relationship!

Pet friendly holiday accommodationYesterday was the big day that I have been waiting for, mum kept me in suspense, I knew something was going on but wasn’t sure what it was! Anyway, a car pulls up at Kirklauchline and a nice lady hops out. I was straight across there with lots of wags for her then a nice man hops out so that meant even more wags! Then a beautifully handsome black Labrador friend hops out. Oh my, he was handsome.

We all went for a run down the lane, past the fields, it was such great doggy fun. It’s a lovely walk and you can walk all the way round from our doorstep. Mum loves the views of the sea, she keeps stopping to look, which I find quite annoying at times. Yesterday was no different, she was stopping again and pointing things out to the humans – she said Portpatrick Lifeboat was out there just off the coast and it turns out she was right! They were on a rescue or a shout as I’m told they call it (I usually get shouted at when i’m being naughty!). Mum pointed out the Isle of Man to the humans whilst Monty and I ran up and down.

Back to the cottage and the nice lady had brought me a present! I couldn’t believe she could have been so kind. It was in a lovely gift bag with a label on it addressed to me. How exciting! Mum opened it for me and I sat in eager anticipation, it was a pink Kong toy. I never had one of these before and it is beautiful. I am so proud and pleased with my new toy from Monty.Pets are welcome

Then the nice lady produced a tin, which smelt very nice indeed, she had baked mum and dad a cake from Dundee she said. Mum was delighted and even more delighted with a huge bag of tomatoes from the nice lady’s greenhouse. What lovely people had come to stay with us, and I hope to meet Monty during the week, hopefully on a beach for a big run and paddle in the sea.

Another doggy friend I met a while ago was George the boxer dog. He too was very handsome and we played “chase me, chase me” with him at one side of our gate and me at the other! I also met Clara and Rosa on a beach at Lady Bay, quite by accident really. We didn’t plan to meet and we don’t often see anyone else on our beach adventures. This day though we did and mum recognized them straight away as they had been to Kirklauchline Cottage before.

We love having our doggy friends to stay with us. Mum says we are pet friendly holiday accommodation, I say we are a dog friendly holiday cottage – I don’t want cats coming! I have enough of them at home! I live with three of the creatures! They always manage to outrun me and always manage to sneak under gates and over walls where I can’t get to! Mum loves her cats and she even had two to stay last Hogmanay! Mum also added to her bird family too so we now have 13 hens and 3 ducks. We just rescued 6 battery hens (I don’t go too near them!). Mum has given all of them names too! Are you ready…. May, Rose, Willow, Bluebell, Gloria, the Twins (two of them), Ginger, Treacle, Yolko, Eggwina, Sticky Toffee, Henrietta, Count Duckula, Penelope Billstop and Beryl! No wonder she doesn’t devote all her time to me!

Sian the Collie on  Sandhead beach, Rhins of GallowayWe are now taking bookings for 2014 holidays and we are dog friendly and I love to meet new friends! I do believe we already have Molly, Sian and Judy coming back to see us again and then new doggy friends, Diva and Charlie who have already booked their holidays.

If any of you furry or woolly K9 friends fancy a break then tell your humans to read my previous blog, even though I say it myself, is an excellent guide for doggy pals visiting the Rhins of Galloway and South West Scotland. All you need to pack are your toys (most important, especially the ball launcher as there’s so much space on our beaches to chase them), your own bed, your food bowl and your food and treats (of course!). Don’t forget your towel because you may get very wet swimming or paddling in the sea here.

Mum also provides everything your humans need too to enjoy their holiday with us so all the family can enjoy South West Scotland together at Kirklauchline Holiday Cottage. Contact mum today by telephone (I promise not to bark when it rings!) 07824 770968 or by or by completing an enquiry form that we have too.

Pet friendly holiday accommodation, Scotland

Cat friendly holiday accommodation, Scotland

Cat friendly holiday, Portpatrick

Cats are welcome

I nearly forgot! I was very proud to win a Facebook Photograph contest too recently!

Dog friendly holiday

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