Self-Catering Holiday Cottage, Scotland
“This is the perfect location for a holiday with your dog”

The day that “Your Dog” Magazine came to stay at Kirklauchline Cottage

AbiiDoodle and I contacted the editorials department of Your Dog Magazine back in the summer of last year. We figured that so many of AbiiDoodle’s bookings had been a success and so many of her doggy friends had enjoyed their stay with us that we really should tell more people about us.

Dog friendly Holiday Cottage, Portpatrick, ScotlandLast November we were told that the “Your Dog” magazine testers were coming to stay! We emailed them their directions and gave them a few ideas of places they could visit and Abiidoodle was so excited at the prospect of being included in a magazine! Not only is she a Facebook and blog writer already she was so looking forward to seeing her name in print in such a popular magazine.

I went along to meet the ladies who had come along to stay. They were staying to check us out for dog friendliness and I met their adorable dog called Sally. She was a very sweet old girl and loved laying on the rug in front of the log burner. Sally enjoyed a few walks and enjoyed her dinner in the “dog friendly” Crown Hotel in Portpatrick. I was interviewed and I thought it quite a good idea to keep Abiidoodle out of the way for the interview, much to her disgust!

Today was the day! The May 2014 magazine was published together with the “Where to stay guide 2014 – 2015”. There we are featured on page 8.

Kirklauchline Holiday Cottage gets 5 stars for dog friendliness, 5 stars for comfort of accommodation and the Rhins of Galloway gets 5 stars for dog friendliness of the local area.

Abiidoodle even gets a brief mention! No photograph, no name in lights! Whoops! Join us on Facebook for up to date doggy news and book your holiday in South West Scotland today.

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