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Logan FishPond

Logan FishPond

Logan FishPondLogan Fishpond, Port Logan, Dumfries and Galloway is now reopen and is under new management and is well worth a visit. You will find the FishPond located in the Village of Port Logan at the end of the glorious stretch of golden beach. The fishpond is the oldest unique fishpond in the UK and is a great day out for all the family.

The Fishpond dates back to the 1800’s when it was used as a fish larder for the local Laird. Now you can see the wide range of fish and marine life and even feed them by hand.

10 facts about Logan Fishpond:

  1. It was built by Lt Colonel Andrew McDouall in 1800 and designed as a ‘fish larder’ for the big house of Logan Estate.
  2. By 1820 the ‘fish larder’ was already attracting visitors as the people of Kirkmaiden Parish visited to see the cod, pollock, flounders, mullet and gunard swimming around in their native seawater.
  3. Mcdouall also created a gothic cottage for the keeper and a ladies bathing hut, popular in the 19th century  – even Queen Victoria had one!
  4. McDouall built Port Logan Lighthouse and Pier.
  5. The fishpond survived severe storms and the detonation of a mine during the second world war and after a few years of repair it was reopened by the Queen Mother in 1955.
  6. ‘Old Thom’ was a cod supposedly around 20 years old who went blind from the sunlight and his keeper couldn’t give him to the cook at the big house.
  7. ‘The big yin’ was a cod named after Billy Connolley and he was in the pond for over a decade splashing visitors with his tail!
  8. The pond is said to be 30 feet deep by 160 in circumference.
  9. McDouall’s sons went on to create Logan Gardens.
  10. The fishpond is owned by Logan Estate owner, Mr Andrew Roberts and leased by Mr Patrick Hogg. Local fish expert Steve Boyle has provided free fish stock and advice for many years.

Head to Logan Fishpond during your holiday for a fabulous day out in the Rhins of Galloway.

A visit to Logan Botanic Garden or Logan House Garden is also highly recommended whilst enjoying your day out in Port Logan.

Images courtesy of John Malcolm Stephenson.

10 facts about the fishpond extracted from ‘The origins of Logan Fishpond’ by Patrick S Hogg.

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